Lions Club has a very special place in my heart. When I walk into our club meeting 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month, I feel warmth, like walking into a family reunion. Since 2014 I have been welcomed by a wonderful group of people who have helped me grow personally and professionally as a real estate broker. Lions Club has aided me in my leadership skills by attending the very effective Lions Club International leadership seminars (Lions Learning Institutes). Using the leadership certificates, I have been on Boards for Real Estate Associations and Homeowners Associations. Being a Lion has helped me to become the Leader I am.

The reason I joined Lions Club is because they helped my son, Luke, in 2nd grade around 2009, discover that he had an eye problem. I had no idea! He came home with a paper from Lions Club that said “your child needs further eye examination”. They were right! He had amblyopia disorder in one eye and since it was caught at a young age, we could patch his good eye so the weak eye would “catch up” with the other. He also wore glasses to assist in the development. That touched me so much as a mom that I wanted to “Give Back” to the Lions Club. I had the opportunity to join and have since served 2 times as the President of the Cleveland Lions Club.

I love our motto: WE SERVE! We screen approximately 5000 students each year for vision and if the student needs a referral (we refer about 15%) for further eye exam, we cover that cost along with any eyeglasses they need. We co-partner with United Way of Ocoee Region for our funds. We also have a great annual fundraiser, Pickle Ball Tournament! We also co-partner with Karis Community Health which helps us facilitate our Adult Eyeglasses assistance. Karis is the brick and mortar that the Bradley County residents can go to and be interviewed and apply for the assistance. We also collect 1000s of used eyeglasses in our community and send them to areas of the world that need glasses. My advice to others: Become a Lion and feel great about helping our community!